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The new ILYICH article 'Grinding of wear-resistant coatings can be more efficient' was published in the June issue of 'Grinding & Surface Finishing'
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New generation of vitrified CBN wheels - AEROBOR® was developed by specialists of ILYICH Abrasive Company to meet a challenge of a new application of CBN vitrified wheels. The feature of these wheels is high porosity with controllable pore size. Increased porosity eases removal of metal chips, that substantially reduces wheel loading and makes frequent dressing unnecessary, thus increasing overall wheel life.

Diamond Vitrified Wheels

Productivity, durability, high precision grinding – are the main advantages of these wheels in comparison with diamond resin bonded wheels. The applications of diamond vitrified wheels for grinding PCD cutting inserts and surfaces consisted of steel, carbide and natural diamond, are especially effective.

High Speed CBN Wheels

Following the world tendency - supplying of high speed grinding machines, we manufacture high-speed CBN vitrified wheels with working speed up to 150 m/s.
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For wood-working industry ILYICH offers the CBN/Diamond wheels for grinding, sharpening and re-grinding of circular saw blades, plane knives, milled-to-pattern knives, mills, cutting heads, point tools
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