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The new ILYICH article 'Grinding of wear-resistant coatings can be more efficient' was published in the June issue of 'Grinding & Surface Finishing'
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AEROBOR® - is a new range of vitrified CBN wheels featuring extra-high porosity with controllable pore size.

AEROBOR® vitrified CBN grinding wheels are perfect for grinding nickel-based alloys, ductile and high-temperature steels, and new types of High Speed Steel. This technology avoids burning and cracking of heat sensitive materials.

AEROBOR® vitrified CBN wheels are highly effective in creep-feed grinding, grinding of deep profiles, screws and lead-nuts in rolling screw-motion drives.

Increased porosity eases removal of metal chips, which substantially reduces wheel loading and makes frequent dressings unnecessary, thus increasing overall wheel life.

The technology was developed by ILYICH Abrasive Company to meet the challenge of reducing temperatures in the grinding zone and to provide better conditions for coolant access. Better cooling allows significantly higher infeeds, and the test results show that applying AEROBOR® wheels can yield up to a 40% reduction in overall grinding time.

Benefits of AEROBOR® technology

- Elimination of burns and cracks on the ground surface
- Grinding heat resistant steel hardened to 40-50 HRS becomes possible
- Faster stock removal, 40% decrease of grinding time
- Elimination of wheel loading Increased wheel life


Grinding of ductile steels and alloys: heat resistant, stainless steels and etc
- Grinding of profiles with limited access of coolant
- Grinding of bearing screws Profile grinding of shanks of turbine blades, Joints for connecting rods, rails
- Chip flute grinding, creep feed grinding
- Dry tool sharpening

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For wood-working industry ILYICH offers the CBN/Diamond wheels for grinding, sharpening and re-grinding of circular saw blades, plane knives, milled-to-pattern knives, mills, cutting heads, point tools
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