Diamond Vitrified Wheels

Diamond Cut-off Metal wheels are used for processing and cutting of glass, crystal, precious and semiprecious stones.

Standard shapes and sizes

Non standard shape and sizes can be made at special request

11A2  14D11D1  2A2  4R1 
11A9  14D8  1D8  2A8  4R96


12A22014E1  1D93A1  4V9  
12A245  14F11E1  3A2C6A1    
11V2  14FF1  1E6Q  3B96A2
12F9  14Q11F1  3E1  6A8
12R9  14V1  1F8  4A8A8
12V91A1  1M1  4A9 
14A1  1B1  1R1  4BT9  1DW 
14A8  1B81V1  4ET9AW