CBN Grinding and Cut-off Resin Wheels

CBN Resin wheels are used mainly for sharpening of high speed steel tools, chip flute grinding, grooving. Depending on dry or wet grinding the various bonds can be applied.

Standard shapes and sizes

Non standard shape and sizes can be made at special request

11A2 12C9 14D1RN  1R14BT91A1R
11V5 12R914F1  1E14R4
11V9 12V220 14Q1  1F1 4V2
12A2 12V245 14U1  2A2T 4V9 
12A215 12V520 14V1  3A1 6A1 
12A220 12V545 14VV1  3A26A2 
12A24512V91A1  3F1 6A9 
12A920 13V9 1A94A26AA9 
12AA214A1 1B1  4A9 6AA2 
12B2 14AA1 1D1  4AA2 6AAA2 
12C2 14D1 1DD1  4B9 9A3