CBN Vitrified Wheels and Sticks

CBN wheels are used for grinding of the parts made of steel and alloy with hardness HRC>50, wear-resistant coatings. High-porous AEROBOR wheels prevent heat-sensitive materials (high-alloy steels, high-temperature alloys, stainless steels and iron) from being burned or cracked. Honing sticks are used in finishing and superfinishing of high-precision steel parts.

Standard shapes and sizes

Non standard shape and sizes can be made at special request

11A2 14D1 1D1 2A2 4R1 1-1
11A9 14D8 1D8 2A8 4R96 1-2
12A220 14E1 1D9 3A1 4V9 4
12A245 14F1 1E1 3A2C 6A1
11V2 14FF1 1E6Q 3B9 6A2
12F9 14Q1 1F1 3E1 6A8
12R9 14V1 1F8 4A8 A8
12V9 1A1 1M1 4A9
14A1 1B1 1R1 4BT9 1DW
14A8 1B8 1V1 4ET9 AW