Resin Bonded Wheels

Resin Bonded Wheels

 ILYICH Abrasive Company produces a wide range of Diamond & CBN resin-bonded wheels.

Application of diamond resin bonded wheels:

  •   sharpening of carbide cutting tools, ceramic tools, composites;

  •   cutting of carbide blanks, technical ceramics, glass, quartz;

  •   finishing of carbide parts: punches, matrixes, gauges and others;

  •   flute grinding.

Application of CBN resin bonded wheels:

  •  sharpening of HSS cutting tools 

  • finish grinding to reach Ra ≤ 0,1 microns 

  • cutting of hardened steel blanks  

  • flute grinding


As a rule, in production of resin bonded wheels, diamond or CBN metalized powders with different quality and composition of the coating are used. Moreover, the grit with different hardness and shape may be applied.

ILYICH powder type designation:

Diamond - D, D01, D02, D03 and so on.

CBN - B, B01, B02, B03 and so on.


Required concentration depends on many grinding parameters.


General recommendation for selection of the wheel grit size


Grinding wheels bodies

Depending on grinding condition the body of the wheel is chosen.

Properties and designations of different body types:


Recommended grinding speed