Vitrified Bonded Wheels

Vitrified Bonded Wheels

CBN and diamond vitrified bonded grinding wheels are produced with ceramic body for grinding at speeds up to 60 m/s, with inserted steel ring for grinding up to 80 m/s, with metal body for grinding up to 125 m/s. Working layer can be either continuous or segmented. Wheels are produced in different shapes, the outer diameter (D) varies from 3 mm up to 600 mm and the total height (T) from 2 mm and more, up to 130 mm.

Wheels design


Application areas of CBN vitrified bonded wheels.

CBN wheels are mainly applied in machine-building industry for grinding parts made of treated steels, chilled cast iron, high-temperature alloys and wear-resistant coatings.

Application areas of Diamond vitrified bonded wheels.

Diamond wheels are applied for grinding carbides parts (including combined with steel), PCD/PCBN cutting inserts, technical ceramics, magnetic materials, for processing of grinding wheels.

Advantages of applying diamond vitrified grinding wheels are: increased productivity, increased precision and better surface, and increased wheel life.

Vitrified bonds

Types of the bonds used in tools production.



Hardness is very important parameter since it determines a working ability of the wheel in many respects; it defines the strength of keeping abrasive grains in the bond.


General recommendations for the wheel grit size and hardness selection of CBN vitrified grinding wheels.


General recommendations for the wheel grit size and hardness selection
of diamond vitrified grinding wheels.


Wheel speed effect

Increasing the grinding speed reduces the wheel wear (CBN consumption) and improves surface finish (Ra). Conversion table of linear speed to RPM is located on the cover.