Dressing of vitrified wheels

Dressing of vitrified wheels

                                                                         Dressing of vitrified wheels

Dressing of grinding wheels is aimed to:

     form the profile of the working wheel surface to provide the cutting-ability and targeted surface finish;

     reduce run out of a working wheel surface and keep shape accuracy;

     eliminate wheel loading, i.e. glazing with metal chips.

Dressing is made with different kinds of diamond tools. The most effective way of dressing is dressing with a rotating diamond tool: diamond roll or diamond cup wheel.

Metal bonded diamond rolls have the diameter 60...150 mm. The diamond grit size should be 3...4 times coarser than the grit size of CBN wheel. The rotating speed of a diamond roll is Vp=(0,8...1) Vk for uni-directional dressing, Vp=(0,5...0,8) Vk for contra-directional dressing.

Uni-directional dressing is used for better cutting ability of a wheel, contra-directional dressing - for better surface finish. Depth of dressing, as a rule, is 0,005.0,01 mm/pass, axis feed rate - 200.500 mm/ min.


hrhst.jpgDiamond profile rolls are used for dressing and profiling of the wheel. In this case the shape of the roll surface has curved and corner sections reflecting the surface of the wheel. On a CNC machine the dressing is carried out by a thin roller, moving under specified program with feed rate 100-200 mm/min.

[poiuy.jpgThe dressing with a metal-bonded diamond cup wheel with the diameter 15...25 mm is performed with a high-speed pneumatic spindle (n=24000...48000 min-1). The dressing wheel is to be positioned in a way to provide the angle between surfaces of the dressing wheel and the grinding wheel of 57 degrees. The depth of the dressing is 0,0030,005 mm/pass, the traverse feed 150300 mm/min.

Diamond dressing rolls and cups are produced of both natural and synthetic diamonds.

qwer.jpgThe dressing of CBN vitrified grinding wheels is also performed with the following non-rotating diamond tools:

  • diamond plates with MCD (monocrystalline diamond) inserts, which sizes and quantity depend on grinding wheel dimensions;

  • multi-point diamond dressers

  • single-point diamond dresser